How to Make a Hoodie

By LeafTV Editor

How to Make a Hoodie. Wear a hoodie to make a fashion statement. Some hoodies can be quite expensive, but you can make one at a fraction of the cost. Just decide if you want to make your pattern from a hoodie in your wardrobe, or purchase a pattern.

Make a Hoodie

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Step 1

Prewash fabric to help prevent shrinkage. Lay out material for the hoodie. Double fabric, and lay out on a clean, flat surface.

Step 2

Cut out pattern pieces. Typically patterns come in one large piece of tissue paper. If you are making your hoodie from an existing garment, you need to cut out a pattern from newspaper first.

Step 3

Attach pattern to fabric with pins. Carefully cut material. If you are using your own pattern, leave a seam allowance. Transfer any tailor markings from the pattern to the fabric at this time.

Step 4

Stitch pockets on the front of the garment. It's your call if you want to add them or not.

Step 5

Sew the shoulder seams and the hood seams. Finish front edge of hood, if necessary. Pin the hood to the garment. If there are still gaps after pinning, try basting the seam. Stitch the seam, and then remove the pins.

Step 6

Pin the sleeves in the garment, and sew them in place. Hem the sleeve edges, if desired. Sew the side seams.

Step 7

Fasten the zipper in place according to package directions. Or, you can baste it in place with a long running stitch. Stitch with the sewing machine. Remember to backstitch on both ends of the zipper.

Step 8

Finish the bottom hem of your hoodie, if desired. Your new hoodie is now ready for you to wear.