Personal care items are becoming so expensive these days. You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to pamper yourself. This simple homemade sugar body scrub is refreshing, rejuvenating and costs just pennies to make. Once you accumulate the supplies you’ll be able to make endless amounts for yourself and also for gifts.

Things You'll Need

Assemble all your ingredients and prepare a clean working surface. The kitchen is the best place for this project.

Blend the brown sugar and white sugar together in a large bowl and set aside.

Mix your liquid ingredients together in a smaller bowl. First the jojoba oil, lemon juice and finally the essential oil. Add this in small increments, incorporating as you go to reach the desired fragrance potency.

Combine liquids with the sugars and incorporate until a paste consistency is achieved. Add more jojoba oil if the mixture seems too dry, or sugar if it is too wet.

Add the scrub mixture to your containers and seal with a tight fitting lid. Wipe the outside of the container to remove any scrub residue before labeling.


  • Use interesting bottles to hold your homemade sugar body scrub. Old jelly jars and specialty food jars are great and you’re recycling too.

  • Tie raffia or other ribbon around the lid for gift giving.

  • Cooking supply stores are a great place to pick up a small scoop to dispense the scrub. Tie with the raffia around the lid.

  • A cheaper option for the scoops would be simple wooden craft spoons that you can pick up at a craft store.

  • Choose essential oils based on the season for gift-giving. Mix multiple oils for a robust fragrance.

  • Jojoba oil is a little more costly. Other oil options include grape seed, almond and apricot. Visit your health food store to pick up the oil. You can usually find your essential oils there too.

  • You can use a wooden spoon for mixing. Just note that you should use it exclusively for scrubs since it will retain the fragrance you use.

  • A little of the essential oil will go a long way so add it sparingly.