How to Make a Guitar Shaped Cake

By Greg Lindberg

Making and decorating a guitar-shaped cake adds flair to any appropriate occasion, such as a birthday or graduation party. The inside of the cake can be any flavor; ice the outside of the cake to match a real guitar. You can either cut the cake into a shape of a guitar after if has been baked or use guitar-shaped pan to bake the cake.

Step 1

Bake your cake in a 12 x 18 x 2-inch baking pan or guitar-shaped baking pan.

Step 2

Let the cake cool before adding your icing. Draw an outline of a guitar using white icing in a icing bag with a #5 tip. Use a real guitar or printed picture of a guitar as a reference for the shape and design. (Skip this step if you baked your cake using a guitar-shaped pan.)

Step 3

Color in the middle plate of the guitar with white icing using a #18 star tip. This is the area where the strings will go.

Step 4

Use the same #18 star tip on a bag filled with black icing to cover the neck of the guitar. This is where you will draw in the frets. Stop before the tip of the neck. Cover the tip of the neck with yellow icing using a #18 star tip.

Step 5

Cover the rest of the body of the guitar with red icing using a #18 star tip. Create the string and frets with black icing using a #5 round tip.

Step 6

Cut out the shape of the guitar from the rest of the cake. Finish icing the sides of the cake to match the rest of the cake.