Wing Sauce Recipe, their are so many types of wing sauce to choose from, hot wing sauce, teriyaki wing sauce, BBQ wing sauce, garlic parmesan wing sauce, extra hot wing sauce, mild wing sauce, Asian wing sauce, and the list could go on and on so I am going to give you a great wing sauce recipe you can make with a few simple ingredients you may already have at home. This wing sauce recipe is a standard buffalo hot flavor with a touch of sweet to it. This wing sauce recipe is unique in flavor, I haven’t been able to find one quite like it in a bottle pre made, and their are a lot of wing sauces out their that they don’t sell at your local store. below in the resource box I am going to give you 2 links, if you love wing sauce and marinades I encourage you to visit the hot sauce link where you can find any wing sauce recipe and pre bottled wing sauce you can think of including 7up wing sauce marinade and Dr pepper wing sauce marinade, sound nasty? don’t knock it until you try it. How about choke your chicken wing sauce and it even comes with a free rubber chicken, cool huh? The next resource link is an in depth look at the great wing sauce recipe, and a red hot style recipe from scratch. Now this wing sauce recipe I am about to share with you is very simple and quick, It takes about 35 to 45 minutes total but 30 of that is just sitting on the stove letting the flavors gel together before you put it on you wings, boneless wings or what ever you choose.

Things You'll Need

This is a simple wing sauce recipe but it is really good if you want a sweet and hot wing sauce so here we go…
Measure and pour 1 cup Franks original red hot sauce into a small sauce pan

Take 1 stick of cold butter or margarine and cut it into 8 pieces, (the purpose of this is so the butter can melt evenly in the wing sauce.)

Place the cut butter pieces into the sauce pan with the Red hot sauce, spaced evenly.

Add 1/4 of cup Light or dark brown sugar into the wing sauce mixture. You can add less or more brown sugar to make the perfect wing sauce recipe for you, depending on your taste buds. Start with 1/8 cup if you don’t like your sauce to sweet.

Add 1 teaspoon of minced garlic to the wing sauce mixture in the sauce pan.

Add 1 tablespoon of worcestershire sauce to the wing sauce mixture in the pan and that will do it for the ingredients

For this wing sauce recipe I turn the heat on low and begin to cook the wing sauce stirring frequently until the wing sauce comes to a slight rolling boil(make sure to stir frequently or the sauce will scorch and you can pretty much throw the recipe out the window. Once the sauce reaches a slight rolling boil stir frequently for 2 more minutes and then remove the pan from the heat.

Once you remove the sauce pan from the heat you will want to cover it and set a timer for 30 minutes so the sauce can thicken up a little and have time to absorb the flavor.

after 30 minutes you have an awesome wing sauce and you are now ready to either leave it in the sauce pan or pour it into a serving dish depending on what you are using the wing sauce for. Your wing sauce recipe is complete and you may now enjoy it on your favorite buffalo chicken wings or even ice cream. (yes some people really put wing sauce on ice cream but I am not one of them)


  • Do not scorch the sauce, you must stir the sauce frequently while cooking.

  • If you are dipping fried or baked chicken wings into your wing sauce leave the sauce in the small sauce pan and use tongs.

  • If you are using your wing sauce as a dip feel free to pour the wing sauce in a decorative bowl or dish.

  • If you are putting your wing sauce on ice cream your on your own, I wont no part of that.