If you want a fur coat, but can't afford one, making a fur coat can be an affordable alternative. However, making fur coats, even faux fur coats, requires extra sewing skills. Fur coats are expensive and that's partially because a lot of work goes into them. Fortunately, making them yourself can be less expensive, if you're willing to put in the hours.

Choose a design. Although many fabric stores have patterns for fur coats, these are typically for faux fur, which you buy off a bolt. Even so, you can still design what you want the coat to look like. This will also help you determine how many skins/pelts you will need.

Obtain the fur and lining. Find fur that will match your skin tone and what you will wear. Go to a fabric store and buy contrasting material to back the fur. Buy the same amount of lining as you do fur, and make it a similar style. If the fur is thick, you'll want a thicker fabric to back it with. Also buy a thread that will match the fabric.

Match the furs. You will need to match the furs so the color, length, texture and shine are the same, so that the coat's color is even throughout. Although dying furs is an option, it's not recommended.

Join and sew the pelts. Join the pelts together, match them, trim them to the length you need for the pattern you have designed or chosen. The fur needs to be stretched, shaped and cleaned before you work with it.

Sew in the lining and complete the final touches, including any pockets, the hem, buttons, etc. Make sure the coat is hanging the way it should and take it for the cleaner's for a final cleaning.

Step out in style. Now that your coat is ready, go ahead and show off. Be proud and confident that you look great--and that you made it yourself.