While colors of nail polish go in and out of style with changing seasons, the simple and classy look of a French manicure, whether on the toes or finger nails, is timeless. You’ll never be concerned with a your French manicure clashing with an outfit or competing with the pattern of your clothing, but a few chips in those otherwise flawless white tips can be a distraction to an elegant look. Here are a few easy ways to preserve your perfect tips and make them wear longer between trips to the spa.

Apply a clear top coat to your French manicured nails every other day. This keeps the nails shiny, as they tend to dull over time, and it protects the white tips from chipping.

Immediately fill in chipped white tips with white nail polish and go over the affected area again with a clear coat. Once a small chip occurs, if you don’t repair it quickly, it will spread and the pink-toned polish on the nail as well as the clear top coat will chip away fast.

Be careful not to apply lotions or creams to your French manicured toes and fingers. Work the moisturizer meticulously into the skin around the nails but not onto the actual nail. Lotions dull the shiny finish of the polish and aid in its wear.

Protect your French-manicured toes in closed-toe shoes by wearing socks under sneakers or stockings under heels. This will help keep the white tips from chipping under the pressure of the shoe or from rubbing against the shoe.


  • Carry a bottle of white and clear nail polish in your purse. Chips can occur at the most inconvenient times. If you don’t have any white polish on hand, correction fluid will do just fine.