How to Make a Dry Margarita Mix

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When you pick up dry margarita mix, you can make delicious margaritas almost instantly. You can either purchase a tub of the dry margarita mix or get individual packets that allow you to make pre-measured versions of your favorite drink. To make a dry margarita mix, you'll have to gather a few simple ingredients to add to the powder solution.

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How To Make A Dry Margarita Mix


Choose the dry mix that you want to use to make the drinks. You can find numerous brands and types of dry margarita mix. Liquor stores as well as supermarkets sell the product. The most popular type is the traditional lime-flavored margarita dry mix as well as the strawberry version. Jose's Margarita Mix is a popular version as well as the type produced by On the Border.

To make the dry margarita mix, you are going to need either a shaker or a blender. For margaritas on the rocks, simply get a shaker as well as a margarita glass. Add ice, 4 ounces of water, a shot glass of triple sec and a shot glass of tequila as well as a scoop of the dry margarita mix. Shake up the mixture well and then pour into your margarita glass.

Use the dry mix to make frozen margaritas. For frozen margaritas with dry mix, you can add 4 cups of ice to your blender, scoop of dry margarita mix, 8 ounces of tequila and 4 ounces of triple sec. Blend for several minutes until the mixture reaches the ideal consistency. If you are using pouches of dry margarita mix, you will add these instead of a measured scoop.

Include any garnishes with your dry margarita mix recipes. You can coat the rim of your margarita glass with salt or sugar for extra flavor. You can also cut up lime slices to serve with the drink.

You can add many different flavors to your dry margarita mix creations. You can add in fresh fruit like strawberries for a more intense fruity flavor. You can also try different types of tequila like Jose Cuervo, Patron, 3 Amigos and Milagro. Instead of triple sec, you can add some raspberry flavor to your margaritas by using Midori, Chambord, Gran Marnier or Countreau.


  • When making frozen margaritas with dry mix, make sure that you use more ice than liquid to ensure that the margaritas do not come out too thin.