How to Make a Drink Called a Hummer

By Mandi Rogier

If you hear someone talking about a "Hummer" while you're at the bar, he may not be referencing the ride he has parked outside. A Hummer is a frosty, coffee-flavored beverage that falls somewhere in between cocktail and milkshake. Coffee-flavored liqueur and vanilla ice cream come together in this beverage for an adult treat that still feeds the kid in you. If you're looking for a drink to cool you off and indulge your sweet tooth, the Hummer is sure to please.


Step 1

Place two scoops of ice cream per drink into the blender. For a milder drink, you can add a little extra ice cream or a splash of milk to suit your tastes.

Step 2

Measure 1 ounce of coffee-flavored liqueur and 1 ounce of rum per drink into the blender. If you have a large blender, you can make multiple Hummers at once. If you are working with a smaller blender, you might need to prepare a single drink at a time.

Step 3

Blend the ingredients on a low speed until they are just mixed. Don't blend too fast, or for too long, or your risk ending up with a runny mess.

Step 4

Pour the drink into a highball glass. Divide evenly if you made more than one Hummer in a single blender.