Roll of black plastic trash bags

It's been said that one man's trash is another man's treasure. But it's also true that one woman's trash bag is another woman's dress. Using a few simple household items, you can turn a seemingly useless garbage bag into a little black dress --- an essential element of every woman's wardrobe. While it may not be appropriate for a black tie affair, it's still a fun activity, and can be worn on certain occasions --- such as get-togethers with friends and family or as part of a Halloween ensemble.

Remove a new trash bag from its box and fill it with air by shaking it, just as you would do before putting it into a trash bin.

Turn the bag upside down so the open top portion is facing the ground. Bunch up a small section of bag in the middle of the bottom and cut it. This creates a head hole.

Elaborate on the head hole by cutting downward in a V-neck style. Make smooth cuts with your scissors and avoid snipping too much because this will create a jagged look.

Put the bag on to figure out where your armholes should be. Remove the bag and create armholes using the same method you used to create the head hole (by bunching up a section of bag and cutting it to create a hole). Avoid creating holes that are too small because your arms need circulation, but avoid making them too big or you will create an overly revealing dress.

Wrap an unopened trash bag (one without air in it) around your waist as a belt. This brings the waist in to makes it look more dressy, while simultaneously adding a bit of dimension to the dress.

Adjust the dress length by folding the bottom up and taping it to the inside of the dress. This makes it shorter and creates a more seamless hem.