Clove oil is a powerful herbal treatment for toothaches. Unfortunately, this traditional herbal remedy is difficult to obtain on the retail market, as most tinctures combine additional ingredients with the cloves. For those desiring a pure clove tincture, the following recipe creates a concentrated tincture that will faithfully relieve common toothaches.

Combine the whole cloves and almond oil in the canning jars and tightly close them.

Place the jars into the paper bags to ensure the tincture can form in a dark environment.

Shake the tinctures daily for a month.

Place the cheesecloth over the top of the third canning jar and pour the oil into the jar. This will ensure that all the pieces of clove are strained out of the tincture.

Pour the tincture into amber jars with dropper lids.

Label the jars with the date and type of tincture and store in a cool, dark place. When properly stored, oil based tinctures typically keep for four to six months. Discard the tincture if it begins to smell sour or rancid.


  • For the best results, begin this tincture on the night of a new moon to utilize the maximum gravitation pull from the moon.

  • To ensure to most potent formula, use organic, fresh whole cloves.