How to Make a Broomstick Skirt. A broomstick skirt is a long skirt, usually of ankle length, that has a characteristic wrinkled look. This skirt gets its name from a common method used to give it its signature crinkled appearance, which is to twist the skirt around the handle of the broomstick while it's wet.

Measure the waist of the person who will be wearing the broomstick skirt. Mark this figure down and refer to it as "Measure A."

Have the person for whom the skirt is being made hold her legs together. Measure the distance from her waist to the floor. Refer to this measure as "Measure X," and use it only as a reference point for determining the absolute maximum length of the broomstick skirt.

Choose a skirt length. Ideally, it will be at least a couple of inches shorter than Measure X. Mark down the length you decide upon and refer to it as "Measure B."

Allow for extra room in the waist if you want to add slits to your broomstick skirt. If not, choose a width commensurate with Measure A.

Double the value of Measure A and add 1 inch (for the seam allowance). Add half an inch to Measure A to determine the width of the elastic waistband that you'll need. Then, add that amount to Measure B to determine "Measure Y."

Buy fabric that is double the value of Measure A plus 1 inch in length and Measure Y in width.

Make the hems on the long sides of the fabric and sew them together. If you want to add slits, don't sew the seams where the slits will be placed. Sewing these hems together will create a narrow tunnel or tube.

Turn the skirt inside out to access the tunnel. Use 7 feet of wire to thread the elastic waistband through the tunnel and around the waist of the skirt. Snip the waistband as necessary and sew it into place.

Run the completed skirt through the washing machine. Take a broomstick and wrap the skirt tightly around the handle, winding it around and around so that it's snugly fit against the wood. Leave it to sit for several hours, and then hang it to dry without ironing it.


Use rayon, cotton or velvet for your fabric. Heavier materials will be difficult to use to create the signature crinkled look of a broomstick skirt. Broomstick skirts come in two general variants: skirts with slits, and slit-free looks. This is a matter of personal preference, and you can make or avoid slits as you wish.