Avoid tan lines and go bare with this sexy look for beachwear that shows off your figure, or design your own more revealing swimsuit for use in private or while sunning. Using one of your own swimsuits, you can easily make a Brazilian bikini with nothing more than a trip to your local craft store. Use your favorite Brazilian cut panties to achieve the perfect look.

Untie string sides and make sure that the bikini bottoms are laying front-down on a flat, clean surface. Adjust the fabric so that the bottom pieces are centered to ensure that adjustments can be made easily. Use a tape measure, pins and fabric pencil to mark the center line, stretching from the waistband down to the crotch.

Lay out a pair of Brazilian cut panties exactly as you laid out your swimsuit, front down with a center line, to use as a template. Lay the panties on top of the swimsuit bottoms, lining up the center lines. Trace the silhouette of the panties' rear side onto the rear side of swimsuit bottoms using your fabric pencil; the seams of the panties and swimsuit should end together at the crotch. Remove the panties, leaving the outline of the bikini on your full-bottomed swimsuit.

Using your measuring tape, create a parallel line about half an inch from the desired cut you drew based on your template. Be sure to trace the lines completely from the top seam of the waist until they disappear off the edge of the fabric at the crotch. For thicker waistbands above the rear, run the line parallel to the waist at around half an inch to an inch before the line ends. Continue the line until about a quarter inch from the waist seams for thinner side and back coverage.

Using the outermost line made by your pins or pencil, begin cutting away at excess rear-side fabric. Be careful to cut smoothly to create an even edge. Turn your swimsuit bottoms inside out and realign on the center line. Fold over the raw edges until the second, inner line is exactly at the edge of your fold. Pin the fold in place to prepare to sew the seam.

Thread your needle or sewing machine with elasticized thread matching the original seams of your bikini. Begin by overlapping the original cut seam with a new stitch and continue your stitch across the folded fabric, following the edge along the entirety of one side until you reach the center of the side where the ties are. Finish your seam by tying a secure knot and trimming excess thread from both ends of the newly sewn seam. Repeat on alternate side.

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