How to Make a Bra Out of Pantyhose

By Deborah Jones

When you need breast support without bulk, following injury or surgery or for fashion reasons, a bra made from pantyhose provides a quick and simple alternative to more structured undergarments. Both support-top pantyhose or ordinary ones are suitable garments to turn into bras, depending on the level of support you want, and colored pantyhose or tights make it possible to complement bra colors with sheer or tight-fitting clothes. You can also cut the bra to fit under most garment styles and avoid the edges or straps of bras showing beneath low-cut clothing.

Make a bra out of pantyhose.

Step 1

Choose the right size pantyhose, substituting your bust measurement for the waist size of the pantyhose. You need to waistband to fit snugly beneath your breasts without digging in or pinching.

Step 2

Cut the crotch section out of the pantyhose to make a hole for your head to fit through.

Step 3

Cut the legs off the pantyhose 3 to 4 inches from the hole you cut in the crotch.

Step 4

Try on the bra, putting your arms through the leg-holes and your head through the crotch hole. At this stage you will see if you need to trim more fabric from the pantyhose to get a better fit. If so, take the bra off and adjust the fit by trimming away excess fabric.