How to Lower Creatinine Levels

By Heather Monroe

Creatinine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is found predominately in muscle tissue. Creatine supplements are available at most health food stores Creatine is essentially converted to creatinine in the body and is said to increase energy levels and muscle mass. However, over use of creatine supplements, or advanced diabetes, can result in dangerously high levels of creatinine. This can cause dangerous conditions such as damage to the heart and kidneys, dehydration and, in extreme cases, even death.

Lower creatinine levels in the body

Step 1

Taper the amount of creatine supplements you take until you are taking none. This should return your creatinine levels to normal. Creatinine is eliminated through the urine, so plan to drink as much water as possible. This also helps with dehydration.

Step 2

Work with your doctor to develop a personalized diet that is low in protein. High creatinine levels in diabetic people are generally a sign of poor kidney function. This is definitely cause for concern. The amount of protein you eat on this diet depends on how much you weigh, so do not attempt this diet on your own. You will also need to test frequently to be sure that the creatinine levels in your urine are increasing and the levels in your blood are decreasing. This indicates that the creatinine is being excreted properly. Doctors will prescribe Lasix, a strong diuretic, to promote urination. This is another reason a person with high creatinine levels must drink plenty of water.

Step 3

Consider beginning dialysis. If the creatinine levels cannot be controlled through diet or medication, doctors may conclude that the kidneys are failing, and the patient should begin dialysis.