How to Lose Stomach Hair for Women

By LeafTV Editor

Don't let a little peach fuzz around your navel deter you from wearing your favorite bikini or slipping into a midriff-skimming top. Throw away the razor, and target hair on your stomach with a more long-lasting treatment.

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How To Lose Stomach Hair For Women

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A visit to a trusted esthetician or dermatologist can tackle unwanted stomach hair. When long-term hair removal is your goal, opt for a professional.

Both sugaring and waxing can eliminate unwanted stomach hair without the stubble that comes with shaving. You can leave the hair removal to the professionals and have these treatments performed at your favorite spa -- or you can create a spa-like experience at home using these techniques.


Many spas offer sugaring and waxing services. When choosing a spa, make sure it's clean and displays a current certificate from your local health department. Your technician should wear disposable gloves and disinfect tools before use.