How to look like a Celebrity

By LeafTV Editor

Are you one of the people who opens magazines, and wishes that you could be like the stunning women you see in the pages? This article will tell you how to be the life of the party, and look amazing at the same time!

Step 1

Lose weight. If you arent underweight, this wont work. eat less, use diet pills, and exercise like crazy. A personal trainor would be good, but its not nessesary. find an online BMI calculator, and keep losing weight until you are underweight, orclose to it.

Step 2

start using proactive. acne is for nerds. cut your hair and get extensions all the time. if you cant, dont try different hair styles everyday. thats just gay. wear it a certain way for a few days, than the next few days do somthing else.

Step 3

Now that you have lost weight, you need to g out and buy clothes that will fit the new you. look in magazine to see what stars like Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Britney spears, and the olsen twins are wearing these days. make sure you buy plenty of stuff that will show off how skinny you are to wear to parties. for everyday, buy stuff like sweatpants and tshirts to wear with your oversized sunglasses when you walk around the city and stuff. wear makeup, but not too much. get your eyebrows and bikini lines waxed, and make sure your tan is fake.

Step 4

now you can start acting the part too. make sure you are ALWAYS talking on your cell phone. even if there is no one on the other line, be talking on the phone, or text messeging someone ALL THE TIME. realise that you are famous now, you are better than everyone else. act like it. you should radiate confidence and pride. and ALWAYS be the life of the pary, no matter what it takes.

Step 5

do things all the time that people are gonna talk about. you need the publicity. just, dont shave your head.