How to Look Good in a Suit

By LeafTV Editor

How to Look Good in a Suit. A good suit can make a man feel successful, confident and sophisticated. It's a classic clothing item, and even the man who doesn't wear a suit to work each day needs at least one. There are always occasions in life that call for a suit. It's not difficult to look good in a suit, if you know what to look for when shopping.

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Step 1

Stick with classics. Trends come and go, but a beautifully cut dark gray suit with an impeccable white shirt and red silk tie will always be stylish. Some men favor double-breasted suit coats, but they have a tendency to look faddish.

Step 2

Get a good fit. The suit should closely fit your body. You don't want a boxy silhouette that makes you look like a little boy dressing up in his father's clothes. Most off-the-rack suits need to be tailored, and many men's stores offer this at no charge.

Step 3

Buy quality over quantity. A cheap suit looks exactly that: cheap. Aim for a dark blue suit, a gray one and a basic black one. Get the best fabric you can afford.

Step 4

Be careful with patterns. There's nothing wrong with pinstripes, but be subtle. Choosing an unusual pattern will not give you the classic look of a successful businessman.

Step 5

Choose the right shirt and tie. Your suit should be darker than the tie, and the tie should be darker than your shirt. Always buy silk, rather than polyester, ties.

Step 6

Coordinate your accessories. A black belt is almost always a good choice, unless you're wearing a brown or khaki suit. Wear a brown belt for those colors. Your socks and shoes should closely match the color of the suit. Cuff links and watches should be of the same tone.