Good health -- and blessed genetics -- can go a long way toward mitigating the march of time on your body. But you may need a helping hand as you fight some age-related changes, such as sagging jowls.

People often associate jowls -- sagging tissue at the jawline -- with excess fat, but they're actually the result of progressive weakening of jaw ligaments. As the ligaments relax, so does the surrounding tissue, including muscle, fat and skin, which descend downward past the jawline. This "turkey neck" effect changes a person's appearance significantly, and many people seek solutions to restore their original jawlines.

Lifting creams, firming masks and serums can help make your sagging skin look firmer. Make sure yours contains alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, retinol or vitamin C, which encourage faster cell turnover and promote collagen production. Basic moisturizers will also help your skin look more filled-out -- at least for a while.

Also called facial yoga, this exercise trend has been around for decades. Practitioners make a series of repetitive facial movements every day to strengthen particular muscles, with the intention of lifting sagging tissue and preventing it from drooping downward again.

As to its effectiveness, the jury is still out. Anecdotal evidence, positive and negative, abounds, but no reliable studies have been done. Doctors, too, cannot seem to agree on the effectiveness of facial exercises. Some argue that it can actually cause more wrinkling, while others see potential for improved muscle tone and skin appearance.

If you decide to give facial exercise a go, make sure you're working the proper parts for your particular problem. Repeat the exercises daily.