Low Rise, Mid Rise, Petite, Cropped, Tall ... there is so many lengths to ladies pants, its enough to drive any woman mad! Read on to learn the different lengths of ladies pants.

There is several different "rises" to pants. This is the area from the top of pant to the bottom of zipper. The first is called a HIGH-WAISTED pant. High waisted pants will normally meet you just above the belly button.

The "middle of the road" rise would be called a MIDRISE. Mid-rise means that it will meet you just below your belly button, but should fully hold and support your hips and rear.

Most everyone knows about the LOWRISE pant. I must say this is the most popular fit in my own shop. A low rise pant should meet you directly above the pubic area and rest right on your hip bones. For me, they would measure about 3-4 fingers below the belly button.

There is several different lengths in ladies pants. Often times, they can easily get mixed up. Full-length pants are longer and should rest on your shoe, possibly a little lower than that.

Next up comes a FLOOD LENGTH, ANKLE LENGTH or CROP pant. These pants should stop directly at your ankles. All of your shoe should be visible.

The next level up would be a CAPRI length. These pants are very popular and trendy and work well at giving some ladies more coverage on their legs, but offers a "cool" alternative. Capri pants should hit directly below your knees, fully covering them, and should round out at mid-calf.

Many women think that PETITE pants are for very skinny ladies. Petites is actually a reference to the LENGTH of the pant. A pant that is found in the Petite section will fit most any women 4'11" up to 5'3". Any length of pants that cater to women over this height have to go into the AVERAGE category. They even carry Queen Size or Plus Size Petites.

The shortest length of pants, aren't really pants at all. SHORTS would be next in line for length. They have different cuts to shorts as well, but for this article, the term SHORTS will subside!

This article will help inform you and give you a better idea of choosing pants that will flatter your body type while shopping. It also lets you know what to ask a salesperson for if you have a fit that you prefer or are on the hunt for. Hope you turn into a "happy pants"!


When shopping for pants, come informed so you know what to ask for! Realize there is different cuts to pants too (boot cut, wide leg, etc.)