How to Know What to Wear on the TV News

By Barbie Carpenter

Don't let a busy or bold outfit distract from your message during a television news interview. Choosing a simple and classic outfit for your time on TV keeps the focus squarely on your message. How you present yourself on television plays a role in how viewers perceive you, so an appropriate outfit is a must.

Young man holding a shirt at a clothing store
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Pick a medium-toned blue shirt for your TV appearance.

Dress As You Work

Consider setting when choosing an outfit for a TV news interview. If your interview will take place in the television station, choose professional business attire, such as a suit or collared shirt for both men and women. If you are being interviewed at your place of business, on the other hand, opt for an outfit reflective of what you wear in this natural environment.

Select Soft Hues

Avoid color extremes when selecting a TV news interview outfit. Stay away from white and bright yellow, which reflect light, as well as black, which absorbs light. Medium-colored suits -- gray, blue or brown -- as well as shirts and blouses in shades of pink, blue, gray and beige are flattering on camera. Pastel shades are also smart camera-ready choices.

Opt for Simplicity

Avoid busy patterns, which can distract the audience. Stay away from stripes, herringbone, plaid or tweed; these busy patterns might appear to flutter on camera. When in doubt, think simply when dressing for a TV news interview. Conservative outfits include well-tailored slacks and button-down shirts or blouses made of matte fabrics. Solid-colored pieces are less distracting on camera and always a safe choice.