How to Kill Skin Tags

By LeafTV Editor

Skin tags are harmless protrusions of skin that typically develop during adulthood. The size of a skin tag range from that of a pinpoint to that of a grape. They serve no purpose to the body, either malignant or benign, and most people have them removed for cosmetic reasons. Removal and killing the skin tags is quick and simple and can be done at home by an adult if you are under 18 years of age or if the skin tag is in a hard-to-reach spot.

Close-up of medical scissors, tape and bandage
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How To Kill Skin Tags


Locate all skin tags and show the person who will assist in the removal of them.

Using the scissors, cut the skin tags off at the base. There will be some minimal pain, so having someone help you may prove to be beneficial.

Dab the blood with a paper towel or gauze.

Use a cotton ball or makeup removal pad to apply an astringent to the skin tag sites. This will help disinfect the areas and dry them out so they will not grow back.


  • If your skin tags are on the larger side, consult your doctor or dermatologist about removing them as there may be more bleeding. Other methods of removing skin tags are the use of an essential oil combination known as Heal Skin Tags, freezing, or burning them off through your dermatologist.