By Linda Bond

An infestation of head lice can cause stress, discomfort and embarrassment. If you or your children have head lice, you can spread it to others by sharing combs, brushes and hats and by using the same pillows and bed linens. You can kill the lice eggs in your home by washing everything that has touched your head in hot water and steam-cleaning the carpets and furniture. To kill the head lice in your hair and destroy their eggs, try a homemade herbal remedy.


Mix the olive oil with the tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus oils. Add a very small amount of shampoo and mix thoroughly.

Apply the mixture to the head, making sure to cover around the back of the ears and the nape of the neck. Put the shower cap on, making sure it is secure around the head. Leave it on for one hour.

Remove the shower cap and wash the hair thoroughly with regular shampoo. You may need to lather and rinse more than once to remove the oils.

Comb hair to remove any tangles. Using the nit comb, carefully go through the hair in sections to remove eggs and dead lice.

Check the hair each day with the nit comb. If you notice any remaining lice or eggs, repeat the oil-mixture process daily until the eggs are gone.