Lice comb
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Dealing with head lice is a hassle that nobody can foresee. Infestations can happen at any time, especially if you have school-age children. The next time these unwelcome visitors invade your peace, have these household supplies on hand and the lice will be gone before you know it.


Kill the adult head lice. The least dangerous way is to comb them out with a fine-tooth comb. Drop them into alcohol to kill them immediately. Lice do not fly or jump, so they won't be trying to escape. Just keep combing until you don't find any more.

Remove the nits or eggs. This is the most important and tedious step. Eggs attach themselves to the hair about 1/4 inch from the scalp, and the only way to remove them is to pull them off using a comb. If you leave some behind, they'll hatch in less than a month. Drop them into the alcohol to keep them from hatching.

Wash bed sheets, pillow cases, brushes and stuffed animals. Put them through a hot wash cycle followed by a drying cycle at the hottest temperature. The heat will kill adults. To starve any emergent young, place the laundered items in a plastic bag and tie it shut for 10 days.

Check everyone in your household except pets; lice eat only human blood. If necessary, treat everybody, and remember to be thorough in removing nits.

Encourage your children to be stingy with their combs and brushes. Some things shouldn't be shared. Recheck everybody every 10 days for month or so, and repeat the process if necessary.