How to Keep the Straps Up on Women's Gladiator Sandals

By Ally Heers

Women gladiator sandals are very fashionable. They come in different styles and can be dressed up or down. Wear the knee-high leather flat gladiator sandals or buy shiny silver ones with a heel to glam it up. If you love the fashionable women gladiator sandals but can't keep the straps up, there are ways to make adjustments, feel comfortable and look stylish.

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Women Gladiator Sandal Straps

Step 1

Choose a gladiator sandal with a lot of straps or just a few to suit your style and body type. Picking a short sandal with just one strap around your ankle will stay on better than a knee-high gladiator sandal. Wear a sandal with soft leather straps for the most comfort.

Step 2

Take the knee-high gladiator sandals to a shoe repair shop and have additional holes punched in the straps if the sandals are adjustable. Ask if the straps can be shortened if there is no buckle.

Step 3

Buy double-sided dress tape to stick to the back of the straps to keep the straps up. Check out sandal strips that are made specifically to keep the straps up and add cushion so you will not get blisters or red marks.

Step 4

Tie the sandal straps tightly around your leg, they will loosen up as you walk around. Avoid tying them too tight; however, or it may feel painful and you may develop red marks on your legs.