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Raisins make a sweet snack or a tasty addition to cereals, breads and salads. Raisins are also used in cooking, where their tart sweetness complements savory sauces and glazes. Though raisins come from dried grapes, some moisture is left in the small fruits, so they can sometimes go bad in a warm, humid environment. In a dry environment, they may dry out and their sugar may crystalize. With proper storage, raisins can keep their flavor and remain safe to eat for several months or longer.

Transfer the raisins from their original packaging into an airtight storage bag or container. Press out as much air as possible.

Seal the bag closed or place the lid on the container. An airtight bag or container prevents the raisins from crystallizing or turning stale.

Keep the raisins in the pantry if you plan to used them by their package's use-by date. Store them in the refrigerator for up to one year, or the freezer for up to two years.


Reseal the container after each use. Exposure to air shortens the storage life of raisins.

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