How to Keep Potatoes From Sticking to the Pan When Frying

By Angelique de la Morreaux

Cooking a meal may be a rewarding and creative experience to most, but rarely does anyone enjoy cleaning up afterward. And that is doubly true when you are stuck scraping burnt potato pieces off of the pan. Although you will eventually scour away the debris, the smarter method is to prevent the burnt potatoes while cooking. A few tricks can assist in this task.

credit: MarianVejcik/iStock/GettyImages

Step 1

Clean the pan before starting to prevent hot spots. Scour the inside cooking surface and the outside of the pan to remove any debris. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Step 2

Heat the empty pan on high and add oil. Roll the oil around the pan and coat all sides.

Step 3

Add the potatoes to the heated oil. Shake the pan back and forth to coat the potatoes with the oil. Turn the heat down to simmer.

Step 4

Allow the potatoes to cook and turn them over with a spatula after they turn brown. Cook them on all sides until they are a golden.

Step 5

Remove the potatoes from the pan and place them on paper towels. Add seasoning to taste. Serve them on a plate.