Scrambled eggs in a pan focus at center of pan
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Scrambled eggs are a common and versatile breakfast food. You can use a great number of different recipe combinations. However, one of the problems is that scrambled eggs tend to cool quickly, and some methods for keeping them warm ultimately just dry them out in the process. A double-boil is a good option for avoiding both of these undesirable results.

Fill the sauce pan halfway with water. The pan you prepare the eggs in should fit on top of the sauce pan safely and completely, so choose the right sizes. Heat the water, bringing it to a good boil, but not too fast.

Cook your scrambled eggs. Start the eggs when you see your sauce pan really heating up or starting to simmer. By the time the scrambled eggs are ready, the water should be at the ideal temperature.

Place the pan of eggs over the sauce pan of boiling water. The steam from the sauce pan will keep the saute pan hot through directly applied moisture. If you want to increase the effect, cover the eggs with a lid. This way, all the steam that leaves the eggs will stay under the lid and drip back down into them for re-absorption.

Keep the eggs warm for only a little while. Ideally, you should serve eggs shortly after preparing. The longer eggs sit over heat, the greater the chance that food-borne illnesses like salmonella will become a factor. Do not keep eggs warm any longer than a maximum two hours.