By Samantha Lowe

Fried egg sandwiches are a staple in American cuisine, served at breakfast joints around the nation. Many people try to replicate this sandwich at home to start off their mornings. However, for those that wish to have a fried egg in the morning, but do not want to bother with the frying process early in the morning, can freeze their previously fried eggs for quick added protein in the morning.

Frying eggs and freezing them makes for a quick and simple breakfast addition.

Step 1

Allow the fried eggs to cool completely on a plate for about ten minutes after being cooked.

Step 2

Place an egg on a piece of wax paper. Set another piece, cut to the same size on top.

Step 3

Trim any excess wax paper from the eggs. Repeat the process of covering eggs with the wax paper with all the eggs.

Step 4

Insert the wax paper covered eggs in to the large sealable freezer bag. Press as much air as possible out of the bag before sealing it.

Step 5

Place the bag in the freezer on a flat surface. Use the eggs within a month of freezing for optimum taste.