There is nothing like a new pair of high heels to make a girl feel pretty — until those heels start to slip up and down, which can make embarrassing sounds, create painful blisters and even trip up the wearer, a calamity that can be painful as it is humiliating. With the proper fit, a couple of clever products and even a do-it-yourself remedy featuring a common beauty product, fans of high heels can banish slipping problems.

Things You'll Need

Install foot cushions or insoles. Foot cushions not only make the shoe more comfortable, as the name implies, but fills up empty space that allows the shoes to slip on the heels or up and down in the shoe.

Add strap cushion. For sling backs that don’t stay in place, use thin adhesive strips on the inside of the shoe’s strap to add cushion and give the strap a tighter fit. Strap cushions are purchasable at many shoe stores.

Spray the foot with hairspray. It may sound strange, but blast the foot with hairspray, especially on the sole. Wait five seconds and then put on the heels. The stickiness of hairspray will hold shoes in place.


  • Buy shoes with the proper fit. The reason most shoes slide is due to an improper fit. Make sure that the toes reach the end of the shoe without hanging over or smashing against the shoe, and the back fits snugly over the heel of the foot.