chicken breast on the brazier

Grilled chicken breasts are juicy inside with a crispy exterior from exposure to open flame. They are easy to make in large batches for a barbecue or other social gathering. However, if you will not be serving the chicken breasts as soon as they are off the grill, they end up cold and quickly lose moisture. Plan ahead and keep the chicken breasts warm so they are appealing whenever you are ready to serve them. Keep grilled chicken breasts warm by insulating them and placing them in a warm environment.

Preheat an oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If your oven does not have a setting this low, set it to Keep Warm or Warm.

Wrap the chicken breasts tightly in a layer of aluminum foil as soon as you take them off the grill. Add a second layer of foil for insulation.

Place the wrapped chicken breasts into the oven, directly on the oven rack. Open the oven door only when you are placing more chicken into the oven to keep warm air from escaping.

Turn the oven’s heat to 250 degrees Fahrenheit 10 minutes before you will serve the chicken. Remove the chicken after 10 minutes, unwrap it and serve immediately.


If you need to keep chicken warm on the road, wrap it in aluminum foil and set it on top of freezer bags full of hot water.