Grilled chicken fillet with cherry tomatoes and salad leaves

When the weather warms up and summer arrives, many people enjoy preparing food out on the grill instead of in the kitchen. Bone-in chicken breasts are a food item that is delicious when prepared with simple ingredients and then cooked on the gas grill. Keep the kitchen cool and move the meal preparation outside to enjoy this pleasant rite of summer.

Prepare the chicken breasts by brushing the outer surfaces with olive oil. Sprinkle coarse salt and pepper over the chicken breasts.

Preheat the gas grill on high for at least five minutes. Reduce the heat to medium on one-half of the grill and to low on the other half of the grill.

Place the chicken breasts onto the gas grill on the side of the grill with low heat. Close the grill for two minutes.

Open the grill after two minutes and use the tongs to flip the chicken breasts to the other side. Close the grill again.

Continue to check the chicken breasts every two to three minutes for about 10 minutes. Insert the thermometer probe into one of the larger chicken breasts after 10 minutes. Continue cooking the chicken breasts until the temperature reaches at least 165 degrees F. Check the temperature of all of the chicken breasts to ensure they are all at least 165 degrees F before removing them from the grill.

Place the cooked chicken breasts onto a clean platter and serve immediately.


  • Grill bone-in chicken breasts for about 15 minutes on each side.