How to Keep Food Hot & Cold at a Wedding Reception

By Trisha Dawe

Food safety is a great concern for those preparing and serving the meal for wedding guests. Keeping hot foods at the required serving temperatures and cold foods at the cool enough temperatures to keep from spoiling can be achieved through the use of chafing dishes, which can be purchased for continued use or rented from a wedding supply company.

Chafing dishes can help keep foods hot or cold while used in a wedding buffet.

Step 1

Place your chafing dishes on the buffet table.

Step 2

Pour hot water into the bottom portion of the dishes that will hold hot foods.

Step 3

Remove the caps of your Sterno fuel canisters.

Step 4

Place the fuel canisters underneath the hot-food chafing dishes.

Step 5

Light each canister with an extended lighter or long matches.

Step 6

Allow the water to heat up, then place hot food in the chafing dish.

Step 7

Fill the bottom portion of the chafing dishes that will hold cold food with ice and water.

Step 8

Place the food-filled chafing pans in the designated racks right before inviting guests to the buffet.