How to Keep Face Moisturized After Chemical Peels

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Chemical peels are a popular treatment for people trying to minimize or get rid of inconsistencies in their facial skin. It is very important to keep your skin well moisturized after a chemical peel to aid in healing and to avoid unnecessary scarring of the facial tissues. Regular moisturizing routines can take effect after your follow-up appointment with your doctor. Until then, a gentle moisturizer must be used to prevent marks and scarring.

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How To Keep Face Moisturized After Chemical Peels

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Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap, and dry them.

Dip your fingers into the Vaseline container, and remove a small amount.

Gently cover your face with the Vaseline, using just your fingertips in a circular motion. Keep Vaseline on all the time to speed the healing process.

Apply a gentle moisturizer instead of Vaseline in the same fashion five to six days after your chemical peel.