By James Holloway

Like all bread products, bagels can go stale quickly if they're not properly stored. To get the maximum life out of yours, you'll need to minimize their exposure to the factors that cause staleness. Even with perfect care, bagels will still go stale; if you want to keep them for months, you'll need to freeze them.

Bagels and coffee
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Always wait for bagels to cool before storing them.

Storing Bagels in the Kitchen

If you need to keep your bagels fresh for a short time, you can store them in a cupboard or pantry. Seal them tightly in a plastic bag with as little air in it as possible; the more your bagels are exposed to air, the more quickly they'll go stale. Store them out of direct sunlight and they should stay fresh for up to 5 days.

Freezing Bagels

If a few days isn't enough, you can freeze bagels to keep them longer. Slice the bagels before freezing them, then place them in a plastic bag or wrap them with aluminum foil. Your bagels will keep their quality for up to 3 months. Even after this period, they will still be safe to eat; for maximum freshness, though, eat them within a few months. Presliced bagels can do directly from the freezer into the toaster without thawing.