How to Keep a Nose Ring in Place

By Ryn Gargulinski

A nose ring can easily go from a gorgeous adornment to a major annoyance if it keeps popping up, falling out and getting lost or plopping down into your soup at dinner. You can keep a nose ring in place with a few simple tips.

Even the smallest nose rings can become the biggest annoyances

Step 1

Have the proper backing on the nose ring. Some have a small ball on the end and others have a bent back. In my case, the small ball ring kept sticking out further than it was supposed to. I switched to the bent back and bent the back even further to secure it in place.

Step 2

Stop touching it. Playing with the nose ring or touching it to make sure it’s still there not only invites infection but may also dislodge it.

Step 3

Pay extra attention when you wash or dry your face. Nose rings like to get caught on towels or skitter down the drain.

Step 4

Blow your nose with care. Keep one finger pressed on the nose ring as you empty your nostrils into a tissue.

Step 5

Remove the nose ring when necessary. If you are going into a vigorous sport, swimming or doing something that may dislodge or rip out the nose ring, take it out. You can leave the hole open or inserts a soft, plastic nose ring plug found at many jewelry stores.