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Sigmund Freud used the word libido to describe human sexual desire. More common in women than men, the loss of libido diminishes sexual response, according to NetDoctor.co.uk. The causes of loss of libido are diverse and varied including both physical and physiological changes. Possible causes include anemia, alcoholism, stress, performance anxiety, drug abuse, relationship problems and past sexual abuse. Female frigidity is often accompanied by guilt, fear, fatigue or worry.

Many people value essential oils for their relaxing properties which invigorate, stimulate and relieve stress and tension. Some even believe that essential oils exhibit aphrodisiac influences that promote sexual response.

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Add ten to fifteen drops of Clary sage essential oil to one cup of Epsom salts. Add the mixture when filling the tub. Soak away fatigue, stress and sore muscles with the healing anti-inflammatory properties of Clary sage oil. Prized by some for its euphoric qualities, this oil is harmonizing and calming.

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Dab a drop of patchouli oil on pulse points or temples. The scent of patchouli oil is believed to incite desire and sexual arousal. It is considered an aphrodisiac in many cultures. The linens of the bride and groom in India is often scented with patchouli oil. Patchouli oil is also applied to brighten, smooth and scent the bride's hair.

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Replace stress with serenity soaking in a warm relaxing bath scented with jasmine essential oil. Add five to ten drops of sweetly scented jasmine oil to 1/2 cup organic honey and one cup of cream. Mix well and add to warm bath water. Used in India for centuries, the delightful fragrance of jasmine oil is considered stimulating and sensual.

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Create a romantic mood with the inviting aromatic influences of ylang ylang. Warm, enticing and stimulating, ylang ylang is traditionally used to scent the honeymoon bed of newlyweds in the Philippines -- where the pungent, sweet fragrance is believed to promote desire and ease anxiety.

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