How to Increase Eyebrow Hair

By Melly Parker

Having thin eyebrows can change the look of your face dramatically. If you're not happy with the amount of eyebrow hair that you have and want to change your style, you'll have to work from the inside out to influence your body to grow thicker, stronger eyebrow hair faster. Thick, noticeable eyebrows are known to highlight your eyes and enhance your facial features--you'll even be able to give people more significant expressions when you raise one full, thick eyebrow.

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A close up of a woman's full eyebrow
Prescription Medicine
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Step 1

Talk to your doctor about changing your prescriptions if you're taking beta-blockers, anticoagulants or antidepressants. These medications can cause hair loss and make it difficult to grow the eyebrows you desire.

Fresh salmon.
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Step 2

Increase the amount of Omega-3 oils in your diet, especially if you've been cutting calories. Crash diets can thin the hair anywhere on your body. Keeping a good amount of positive fats--those found in fish, for example--in your diet can restore the hair you've lost.

Herbal essence with sage and rosemary
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Bottle with essentional oils

Step 3

Mix 4 drops of peppermint, rosemary and sage oils into 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Rub this combination into your eyebrows once each day. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that this may stimulate new hair growth.

Young woman plucking eyebrows, close-up, reflection in mirror
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Woman plucking her eyebrows

Step 4

Stop waxing and plucking. Get laser hair removal once you have fully grown eyebrows, so that you can permanently remove the hairs you don't want to keep without catching or damaging the ones that you do.

Castor oil capsules
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Castor oil capsules

Step 5

Mimic the ancient Egyptians by massaging castor oil into your eyebrows. Just one drop on each eyebrow, massaged in every day, is said to help you grow thicker, fuller eyebrows quickly.