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If your eyesight has deteriorated to the extent that you are struggling to focus, then it could have real consequences for your everyday life, from the necessity for glasses to struggling with reading and driving. Yet, before considering glasses or expensive surgery, consider some eye exercises you can do at home. They can actually improve your eye focus, and all you need are readily available objects to focus on -- and a willingness to try new ideas.

Close one eye and focus the open eye on the point of a pencil held around 6 inches away. After a few seconds look out of your window, focusing on a more distant object. After a few more seconds, return your focus to the pencil. If you have no problems with your sight, the adjustment will be effortless; otherwise, you will feel muscular effort around the eyeball. This muscular strengthening, done daily, could improve your focus.

Tilt your head slightly backwards and look slightly downwards to see the end of your own nose. Shift your gaze towards a more distant object, before again focusing on the end of your nose. Repeat this exercise four or five times. This will work additional eye muscles, due to the different direction you are moving your gaze, as well as helping your focus.

Roll your eyes around in a circle; do the circular motion to the left and upward, then to the right and downward, creating a circle. Then do this in reverse by rolling them the other way around. Repeat numerous times to feel your eye muscles working.

Squeeze your eyes tightly closed for 5 seconds before opening them as wide as possible for several seconds. After doing this about eight times, close your eyes and massage them in circular motions with the tips of your fingers. Do this for about 1 minute.

Trace an imaginary number eight with your eyes, starting from the upper left corner of your eye and moving downwards. Reverse the direction to repeat the exercise. Do this around ten times.


Practice these exercise two or three times again for the optimum benefit. Exercise with both eyes -- unless you have one eye with noticeably worse focus than the other.