How to Hide Wrinkles Around Eyes

By Grace Covelli

Those lines around your eyes can be telltale signs of aging skin, but aging isn't always the only cause of wrinkles around the eyes (better known as crow's feet). Sometimes wrinkles appear after too much sun exposure. The sun's ultraviolet rays damage the skin, leaving behind wrinkles and sunspots. Another cause of wrinkles is alcohol consumption. Alcohol dehydrates the skin. Smoking contributes to aging skin as well. If you have wrinkles around your eyes you'd like to hide, be aware that you cannot totally hide wrinkles. There are ways you can make those wrinkles look less noticeable, though.

How to Hide Wrinkles Around Your Eyes

Step 1

If you have wrinkles around your eyes and you're thinking of hiding those wrinkles behind a mask of makeup, you will only accentuate them if you use a powder makeup. Makeup in powder form has a tendency to settle into wrinkles, making them look more pronounced. You're better off using no makeup at all around the eyes if you have wrinkles. Use a cream concealer in the corners of your eyes, if you must, and dab some avocado cream around your eyes to moisturize your skin. But remember, less is best.

Step 2

Gently slough off dead skin cells to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and make your skin shine. Go to a dermatologist for a microdermabrasion treatment or exfoliate your skin with a good exfoliant purchased from a beauty supply store or drug store. If you do exfoliate, be sure to keep the product you use a good distance away from the delicate skin area around your eyes.

Step 3

There's nothing better than water when it comes to lessening the appearance of wrinkles. When you drink eight glasses of water a day or more, skin cells plump up and wrinkles almost disappear. To further hydrate your skin, apply hyaluronic acid serum to draw moisture to your skin and keep it there, but do not apply hyaluronic acid serum too close to your eyes.

Step 4

If you want to draw attention away from the wrinkles around your eyes, wear a bright-colored lipstick. Red lipstick will catch someone's eye before your wrinkles will. Also, wear very little eye makeup so as not to draw attention to your eyes and your crow's feet.

Step 5

When out in the sun, wear an attractive pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses will hide any lines you have around your eyes and protect the skin around your eyes from further damage.