How to Hide Man Boobs

By LeafTV Editor

Hiding man boobs, also known as male breasts, can be done with little effort. While one's end goal should be to eliminate the man boobs, if you need to cover them up and hide them today you can do so.

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How To Hide Man Boobs

The key to hiding man boobs is to compress them or cover them so that they do not stick out or to cover them with clothing that takes the focus away from them. Loose fitting clothing and certain colors of clothing can aid in hiding man boobs.


Purchase a sports bra in a sports store. While these are for women, they can offer support and compression for men and help hide one's man boobs. While a sports bra is not essential to hiding man boobs, it can allow greater flexibility in what outfits one can wear and it is discreet.

Wear the sports bra under a T-shirt or button down shirt that is a dark color or pattern. A thicker fabric top is recommended to conceal the sports bra.

Purchase loose fitting dark colored tops. Thick fabric tops such as cotton tops work well to conceal protruding nipples and the man breasts themselves. Shirts with patterns on them can also work well to give a slimming look and draw attention away from your chest.

Buy a compression garment from a health or fitness store. You can also purchase a tight fitting undershirt or tank top to wear underneath your top as a compression garment.

Avoid buying shirts and tops that have stripes or pockets right on the chest of the shirt as this will draw attention to your chest area.


  • Loose fitting tops can conceal man boobs and can be more comfortable than tight fitting clothing. They can also conceal compression garments or sports bras.