How to Hide Bad Dandruff

By LeafTV Editor

How to Hide Bad Dandruff. Itchy scalp and unattractive skin flakes in your hair and on your clothes are sure signs of dandruff. Bad dandruff can be an embarrassing problem, but it can be managed. You'll just need to figure out a quick and inexpensive way to hide your dandruff long enough to give shampoos and other treatment options time to work.

Hide Bad Dandruff

Step 1

Hide bad dandruff by choosing another color to wear beside black. Most dandruff flakes are white, so by wearing black you'll highlight their appearance and draw attention to them. Wear white, silver or even yellow and you'll minimize the appearance of dandruff.

Step 2

Hide bad dandruff by coloring your hair. If your hair is black or dark brown, dandruff flakes will be more prominent. This is your chance to see if blonds really do have more fun. Be warned, however, that the products you use in your hair can contribute to dandruff, so this is a very short-term solution.

Step 3

Wear a hat to hide your dandruff. Hats can be hip, stylish additions to the right outfits. Don't just throw on any old hat after you're dressed, though. If the hat you're wearing doesn't go with the outfit, it will look very out of place and people might think you're hiding a bad haircut or something worse. Consult a few fashion magazines or stylists to get some basic pointers on how to wear a hat properly.

Step 4

Get a haircut. Or, more precisely, shave your head very closely. This may not be a good solution for women unless you're extremely confident or a trend setter, but most men can easily hide embarrassing dandruff in their hair by simply cutting it off. Ladies, be bold. Empower yourselves and show society that long hair has nothing to do with a strong feminine identity.

Step 5

Take a holiday. Sure, this may seem like a drastic way to hide bad dandruff, but stress does contribute to dandruff and other chronic health issues. Take some time off, chill out and get a little sun on your scalp.