How to Heat Rice Milk

By LeafTV Editor

Rice milk, a non-dairy milk alternative, contains brown rice, oils and various stabilizers. When you seek to avoid dairy products, rice milk may be a viable alternative. Rice milk can replace milk as a beverage, in cold cereals and in cooking and baking. When you cook with rice milk, you can heat it as necessary because rice milk is heat-stable. This means that the ingredients will not change with the addition of heat.

homemade rice milk mud
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How To Heat Rice Milk


Measure out the rice milk you wish to heat and pour it into the saucepan.

Add additional ingredients to the rice milk, if you wish. For example, adding ground cinnamon and honey to the rice milk can make a tasty warm beverage.

Turn the burner onto low and stir the rice milk with the spoon while it warms.

Continue stirring and warming the rice milk until it simmers and steams. If you added honey to the rice milk, continue warming the rice milk until the honey dissolves, about five minutes.

Remove the rice milk from the heat after it warms sufficiently.

Add the rice milk to your recipe or pour the warm rice milk beverage into a cup or a mug.


  • Most rice milk has a slight sweetness to it, making it ideal for using in baking. Because of the sweetness of rice milk, it may not be suitable for use in savory gravy or sauce recipes.