How to Heal Bed Sores

By LeafTV Editor

Bed sores aren't fun for anyone who gets them. In this article you will learn about a few different ways of how to heal bed sores.

Powdered sugar in a sifter ready for dusting
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How To Heal Bed Sores


Apply honey onto a gauze pad and then apply it to the bed sore every night. Be sure to change the gauze pad every morning, washing the area gently before applying a new gauze pad with honey. It can take up to two weeks or a little longer to heal.

Mix together flower of sulfur and cornstarch. Dust the bed sores lightly with the flower of sulfur and cornstarch mixture. This will help protect the bed sores from becoming infected.

Clean the bed sores gently and then very carefully apply liquid vitamin E onto the bed sores with a cotton swab. This will help speed up the healing process as well as relieve some of the pain. If liquid vitamin E is hard to come by or is too expensive then use vitamin E capsules. Break open a capsule and simply apply it directly to the bed sores.

When bed sores are open pack the entire area with powdered sugar and then cover them with airtight bandages. Before changing the bandages gently wash the area with calendula liquid. Make sure to change the bandages every morning and every evening, applying fresh powdered sugar.