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Long toenails are desired by many people, both male and female. Just long enough for a French pedicure makes feet look sleek and elegant. Whether it's summer and time for sandals, or Winter and time for some romantic time, it's always time to give yourself beautiful feet. This article explains what you can to do grow long toenails as quickly as possible.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each and every day. If there was ever a time to completely follow the food pyramid guidelines, growing long toenails is the time. Since they grow at a very slow rate, the more nutrients you can give your body, the quicker it will happen.

Buy gelatin capsules and take them as a supplement every day. These help strengthen long toenails to keep them nice without breaking too soon.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day to give yourself long toenails. The more liquid you drink, the more moisture your body has to give your hair and nails. This means they will grow faster without breaking.

Cut your long toenails straight across. Don't wait too long. Even if they haven't quite gotten as long as you'd like, try to shave a sliver off to keep the tips nice and healthy. The straight angle prevents ingrown toenails.


Keeping your long toenails painted with regular pedicures keeps them beautiful.

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