How to Cover Up Nail Fungus

By Tracy Morris

According to the Family Foot Care Center of Jackson, Tennessee, nail fungus can be caused by several different types of bacteria. The results, however, are all similar: thick, yellowed and discolored nails. Although toenail fungus is rare in young people, it can be spread through contact with fungus-infected showers and tubs, and exacerbated by wearing tight shoes and hosiery or acrylic nails. Over half of people over 70 have a problem with nail fungus. However, the condition is simple to cover up.

credit: NA/ Images

Step 1

File thick nails to their proper thickness with a nail file.

Step 2

Select a neutral color of paint for your nails. Neutral colors help the nails to blend in, rather than calling attention to them. Neutral colors also look more natural on men.

Step 3

Cover discolored nails with nail polish.