How to Grease a Cupcake Pan

By LeafTV Editor

Greasing the pan is a necessary step when doing any baking project, but flouring the pan is equally important. To ensure that your cakes come out perfectly with no tears or snags, greasing followed by an even dusting of flour is the way to go. Simply greasing a pan may result in an overly moist outer skin.

Colorful Cupcakes
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How To Grease A Cupcake Pan


Coat the inside bottom and sides of each cup in the cupcake pan using the butter, margarine or shortening. You can use your fingers or a pastry brush.

Use a nonstick cooking spray as an easy alternative. Hold the pan over the kitchen sink (to prevent spray from getting on floor) and coat each cup evenly on the inside bottoms and sides.

Sprinkle about 2 tbsp. of all purpose flour (or tapioca or white rice flour, if you are baking gluten-free) into the buttered or sprayed cups. Tilt the cupcake pan back and forth, rolling the flour around inside the pan to coat evenly. Tilt the pan at a 45-degree angle over the sink and tap it against the edge to dislodge clumps. Repeat the tap going the opposite direction. Turn upside down in sink and gently shake pan, allowing excess flour to fall out.


  • Flouring in addition to spraying and greasing the pan will ensure cupcakes come out dry on the sides and slide easily away from the pan.