The knees carry a lot of weight. When they hurt, it can make getting around difficult. Knee pain does not always come from the joints in the knee, but rather the muscles and tissue that surround the knee. Manipulation of the tissue sometimes can relieve knee pain.

Warm up Thigh Muscle

Place the left hand below the knee.

Place the right hand on top of the knee.

Massage up the thigh with the right hand.

Repeat the procedure on the inside of the thigh.

Repeat the procedure on the outside of the thigh.

Petrissage Massage

Place your left hand below your knee.

Press firmly on the knee with the palm of the right hand, massaging forward a couple of inches until you can grasp muscle with your fingers and thumb.

Gently squeeze the muscle without pinching the skin, working your way up the thigh.

Deep Friction Massage

Use the tips of the middle fingers to deeply massage the muscle at the outside of the knee.

Massage across the leg below the knee, and work your way down the inner leg about an inch.

Continue the deep friction back up to the knee and continue until the knee is circled.