How to Get Well Water Minerals Out of Hair

By Laura Leiva

Without a water purifier, hard water can wreak havoc on your hair. Well water minerals, or hard water in general, have high levels of iron, magnesium and calcium, which affix themselves to the hair and follicles of the scalp, making hair dull and unmanageable. For those who have dry hair to begin with, well water minerals add to the dryness of the hair, increasing the risk of breakage.

Shiny, beautiful hair

Step 1

Use a weekly hair treatment to remove the buildup of well water minerals. These treatments remove excess minerals, restore the look of a healthy sheen and clear hair follicles, for improved hair growth.

Step 2

Improve the quality of bathing water with a filtered shower head. Found at any retail or home improvement store, these filters are easy to install by screwing them onto the existing shower pipe. Allow the water to run for a few minutes to start the filtering process. Made for any budget, these shower heads use filters to remove chlorine, minerals or metals that stick to the hair.

Step 3

Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo and conditioner. These specially formulated shampoos remove excess buildup left behind by well water minerals and hard water. Use these shampoos at least once a week to keep buildup from making hair dull and unmanageable. If you have color-treated hair, avoid formulas that are not made for color, since they will fade the hair faster. Many varieties are safe to use on color-treated hair and safe to use on a daily or weekly basis.

Step 4

Protect hair from water that contains chlorine or other minerals, such as what is found in a pool or in well water. Special hair products such as sprays or cremes are available that protect the hair from UV rays, chlorine, well water and other environmental factors. These products contain nutrients that increase the health and shine of hair, no matter what type.

Step 5

Avoid hair products that contain harsh ingredients such as sulfate, which can increase buildup on the hair and scalp and make hair worse. Use a high-quality clarifying shampoo and conditioner for a particular hair type for the best results.