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There are many advantages to wearing thigh-high tights: they are less restrictive than full pantyhose, allow more ventilation and are quicker to put on in the morning, to name a few. Unfortunately, there is also a well-known disadvantage to these fashion accessories: it can be difficult to get thigh-high tights to stay up, and stockings rolling down the knee are unsightly. Yet there are solutions to this problem. Follow these steps to keep your thigh-highs up.

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Verify that your thigh-high tights of choice match your necessary measurements. Thigh-highs that are too big may never stay up. Although sizes are not standardized, individual packs generally have a guideline on the packaging, based on measurements; usually these measurements include height and weight, though waist and hip size may also be included. Use this as a reference guide and buy the size that fits your body best.

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Purchase thigh-high tights with elastic at the top. The elastic serves as a grip function, securing the stockings to your leg. Test the band with your hand for reliability. It should easily stretch at least as far as the circumference of your leg (judge this by sight), but not too much farther beyond that. A band with high elasticity is best; and, if you are shopping in plus-sizes, you may want to opt for a thicker band, as it will be more secure.

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Use a garter to secure the tops of the thigh-high tights when wearing them. Though garters vary in style, modern variants usually contain at least these two components: a belt, which you should secure across your waist, and four to six straps falling midway down your thigh, with clips at the end. Fasten each of the clips to the tops of your thigh-highs, taking care to space them out equally.


In a pinch, large rubber bands can be used to temporarily hold up thigh-highs. While wearing the stockings, pull up a rubber band about half an inch away from the top, then fold remaining portion of the stocking down; fold one more time for added security. Take care not to use a rubber band that is too tight or it will cut off blood circulation.


Diabetics should be careful and consult a doctor before wearing thigh-high tights with elastic at the top, as they run the potential of disrupting blood circulation and causing tissue damage.

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