Hands and fingers get a beating every day from normal household cleaning, from chemicals within your cleaning supplies and even from chemicals in your beauty products such as fingernail polishes and removers. Even the aging process can cause wrinkles on the hands and fingers. Get rid of those small wrinkles that have begun to form on your fingers before they become more intense.

Things You'll Need

Apply moisturizing lotion to hand and fingers. Use the lotion you like the best. Do this a couple times a day, especially at bedtime.

Apply the wrinkle cream to your fingers and hands. Use the same wrinkle cream you use on your face. Preferably look for a product that contains Vitamin A. Apply at bedtime.

Apply a special hand cream to your fingers. Make sure the cream is specially formulated for dry skin.

Apply a scrub onto your hands. If you cannot find one formulated for hands, buy one for the face. On dry hands, apply some of the scrub. Work it into the hands then rinse with warm water. Dry your hands with a soft towel. Apply a good quality lotion, preferably one for dry skin.

Apply a skin mask to your finger and hands. If you can, purchase one that is the peeling type. If you can’t find one formulated just for hands, purchase one for the face. Follow the instructions on the kit.


  • To keep your hands from wrinkling further, wear gloves when doing household chores such as washing dishes or anything involving chemicals. Also wear gloves while gardening.

  • Wash hands thoroughly after your nail polish has during a manicure.

  • Wear gloves outside when the weather is cold or windy.

  • If your fingers have just wrinkled because they were in the bath too long, apply some lotion or bath oil to them and soon they will be back to their normal shape.